Soros’ money was handed out to strange companies

Magyar Nemzet, 13 June 2020

Money which George Soros theoretically gave to the capital for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic ended up with left-wing insiders and strange companies. Soros originally offered the capital one million euros, but Mayor Karácsony’s people eventually received one and a half million dollars. Our paper sent questions to Budapest City Hall regarding the large scale purchases of masks and the companies involved – answers for which in some case proved difficult. Karácsony’s people signed a contract worth 211.75 million forints with Rotatech Holding Kft. for the delivery of 250,000 FFP2 masks. According to the Opten company database, Rotatech Holding Kft. can be contacted at, but despite sending queries there, the address either can not be found or it is unable to receive mail. We were mainly interested in how this company in Érd and its managing director Zsolt Török had come to the attention of Budapest city hall, since the company has no website nor registered employees, and generated no revenue in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The biggest winner of medical purchases in the capital district was Business Rally Hungary Kft., which was to deliver around one and a half million surgical masks worth 247.5 million forints plus VAT. With these funds the company will almost double its sales revenue for 2018 if it has a similar turnover this year as well. What is odd is that according to the Business Rally website and the Opten database, the company deals with image design, marketing, software development and consulting. True, the “News” menu on the company’s website points out that it imports surgical masks and KN95 masks, although the trade in medical products is not included within the range of their business activities.

EU Kft, a small family business whose main activity is passenger transport, also won a small public contract. The company added the retail sale of medical products within its business operations on 31 March, yet its contract for the supply of surgical masks had already been signed on 23 March.  

Karácsony’s people purchased virus tests worth more than 300 million forints from Corden International Kft. and from Kelen Kórház Kft;, the latter owned by the Tamás Székely, the former health minister under Gyurcsány and Bajnai. Although both companies are connected with socialist insiders, they are at least well-known in the health business.

In view of the epidemic, Karácsony elected against the public tender procedure with respect to contracts, which he had the legal option to do during an emergency.  

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