The Istanbul Convention is a wolf in sheep’s clothing according to the Center for Fundamental Rights

Magyar Hírlap 13 June 2020

If the opposition were to win in 2022, they would certainly ratify the Istanbul Covention, but since some of its elements are contrary to [Hungary’s] Fundamental Law, the Constitutional Court could annul the decision, explained István Kovács, Strategic Director for the Center for Fundamental Rights (AK) during an in-depth interview with our paper yesterday.

The AK, together with the Polish organisation Ordo Iuris, has launched a European-wide campaign collecting signatures to petition against the EU’s accession to the Convention. Now with the support of fifteen organisations and more than thirteen thousand signatories, they have written an open letter addressed to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stating they do not support the attempt to use the issue of combating violence against women to spread gender ideology. The Istanbul Convention is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing, officially aimed at curbing violence against women, but it is not suitable for this, as it deepens social contradictions instead”. The fundamental aim of gender ideology is to break down the traditional family model, which is incompatible with Hungary’s Fundamental Law. According to the AK’s strategic director, there is increasing pressure on the part of the EU and various NGOs as well as demands by the domestic opposition to ratify the convention which has already been rejected by a parliamentary resolution. According to Eszter Párkányi, an analyst with the AK, the collection of signatures will continue until September. Although the European Union’s accession to the convention is legally debatable, it cannot be ruled out, the analyst noted. She also mentioned that the solution to the problem of violence against women is not to be found in proclaiming such a document, but in prevention and victim assistance, and that Hungary has already taken serious steps in this direction. It should be noted, there has been no reduction in violence where the convention has been ratified, although it is true that the growing number of migrants in the countries concerned may also play a role.

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