Soros principles with Soros money for Soros goals

The Open Society Foundations, founded by billionaire George Soros, is one of the most intricate societies in modern history, penetrating all walks of life. Moreover, they have recently become political actors without social authority, whether in the United States, Hungary, or the Balkans. They do not hide the fact that their main goal is to build vibrant and inclusive democracies around the world. Of course, all this is based on Soros’ principles with Soros’ money for Soros’ goals.

Soros network is everywhere

Founded by George Soros, the organisation has been operating for more than 40 years, and currently supports thousands of projects in more than 120 countries each year. In fact, we are talking about a transnational organisation which is also a platform for various organisations to actively influence everyday life. In their view, they support independent individuals and organisations, but it is clear to everyone that “independent” actually means Soros’ doctrines. The most significant guarantee of this is that to this day the president of the organisation is George Soros himself and his son Alexander Soros.

Unsurprisingly, the Open Society Foundations has grown into the world’s largest private humanitarian society that, in principle, fights for human rights in all areas of life. Since its inception, it has spent a total of more than USD 15 billion to achieve its goals. It has distributed a huge amount of money in areas such as democratic practice, economic fairness and justice, judicial reform and fundamental rights, human rights, the press, higher education, and so on. Unsurprisingly, we can all remember countless examples of the fighting in these areas between Hungary and George Soros’ people.    

Soros network operations

Each year, thousands of projects are supported that carry out activities that meet the goals of the network, such as judicial reform, transparency or open debate on issues currently of interest to the society. Suffice it to think of the current American riots, where there is more news spreading that Soros has been actively supporting the rioting organisations. One such organisation is Black Lives Matter, which is one of the main organisers of the recent wave of protests that has erupted in Minneapolis. Moreover, it is not impossible to imagine that a person who openly attacks the American President’s policies is also capable of using tools approaching that of war in order to help the democrats gain ground, without shying away from a possible coup either.

We are witnessing similar open political intervention in Europe, because where they encounter weaker and more permissive governments they play an open role and actively influence nations. In Brussels, through the Open Society European Policy Institute, they are constantly present at every level of European decision-making, right up to MEPs and individual European Commissioners. This is when we can recall the series of images of the former president of the European Commission hugging and kissing George Soros in Brussels. It is no coincidence that all such occurrences have been followed by a significant collection of measures in European policy. The network operates in more than 120 countries, maintaining its own offices in most locations and supporting cells of all sizes (individuals, NGOs, and so on). The people who work here are principled soldiers, who stand fast in the most difficult circumstances and in the presence of social rejection, relying on the network’s support. The network is based on various Foundations (more than 20) and Programs (16 thematic and 7 geographical), which are managed by separate Committees. The Committees are governed by a Network Advisory Board, coordinating their activities and the means used to achieve their goals. The strategy and final large-scale decisions are made by the Steering Committee, which is still chaired by George Soros.

Soros network cash flows

With more than USD 15 accumulated over the years, it has reached almost every corner of the world. More than one-fifth of the money is directed to the US for projects such as racial discrimination, facilitating immigration, or combating economic and political inequalities. In connection with the latter, it is worth noting that since Donald Trump has been in power, they have increased the amount of money available on an annual basis by almost a third. There may be further evidence for this in Soros’ attacks against Trump not only in the press, but also in his deeds.

As mentioned earlier, the Soros network does not ignore Europe either, supporting the vision of an even more inclusive (read: accepting more migrants) and more democratic (read: left-liberal) Europe with nearly USD 100 million a year. From the outset, as one of the main proponents of the 2015 migrant crisis, Soros’ organisation have been actively involved in homogenizing Europe’s population. They will seize every political, economic, and legal means to facilitate the settlement of illegal migrants in Europe, not neglecting efforts to make the work of governments more difficult. As we have seen before, Soros’ people in Brussels are doing significant work and are able to influence European politics. In addition, in all countries, including Hungary, where the liberal democracy they represent has not gained ground, significant support is given to those (pseudo) NGOs and political parties that swear allegiance.

Africa, where George Soros began his philanthropic activities, is still monitored today and more than 10% of the budget is spent on projects supporting the democracy his people envision in each country. In North Africa and the Middle East countries, their activities have picked up after the migrant crisis, and their disbursements have since increased by more than 10% a year. One of their main activities in the region is support for Syrian refugees, and they use any means to bring them to Europe. And in Israel, an educational institution has been established with the specific goal of fostering critical thinking, laying the foundations for a subversive philosophy opposed to the current government.  

Following the fall of Communism, they also actively expanded their activities in Eurasia and Asia, openly interfering in the formation of fragile political systems. A good example is the establishment of the National Anti-Corruption Institute in the Ukraine, or the various programs promoting transparency in other countries. These measures sound good in principle, but in reality they are a great opportunity for the people of Soros’ network to intervene in political life on the front lines. In this region, too, they are actively promoting the movement of migrants seeking a better livelihood from Asia to the Arabian Gulf, East Asia or even Europe.

Soros network slaves

Over the past 40 years, George Soros has single-handedly built a flawless, web-like organisation. Despite his old age, he is still actively involved in the work of the Open Society Foundations. He ceaselessly pours the profits from his financial speculations into programs to achieve his selfish goals: to spread open and liberal thinking, to destabilise governments, and probably to gain even more money and power for himself. All responsible governments, on the other hand, need to be careful and not allow themselves to fall for the siren’s call, otherwise they will easily find themselves in a situation where they become puppets having lost control. Through history, many may have experienced that behind any good deed there has always been some insidious ulterior motive, such as the creation of a new social order, in which they become slaves of Soros’ network.

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