We got ourselves into a Soros function – a warlike atmosphere with sham civil society mercenaries


[This article requires a preamble. On 13 June 2017, the Hungarian Parliament adopted Act LXXVI of 2017 on the Transparency of Organizations Supported from Abroad. It obliges associations and foundations that receives at least 7.2 million HUF [roughly 20 thousand Euros] annually from a foreign source to register with the court as an organization receiving foreign funding, to annually report about their foreign funding, and to display the label “organization receiving foreign funding” on their website and publications. The list of foreign funded NGOs is also published on a government website.]

A conference was organised in Budapest by Hungarian holdouts of the Soros network. It became clear at the session that the Soros-funded organisations would embark upon a military operation on three fronts: they would boycott the civil law, launch a propaganda campaign against transparency involving 220 organisations, and put pressure on Hungary through its international relations.

A mini conference entitled Conference on Civil Disobedience and the Boycott of the NGO Law was organised by the Eötvös Károly Policy Institute (EKINT) in Budapest on Tuesday. The event took place three weeks after the adoption of the law allowing for the more transparent operation of non-government organisations and more than a week after Alexander Soros’ visit to Hungary. The event, held under a rainbow flag, was filled with some of George Soros’ well-known model workers.

Upon opening of the conference, László Majtényi, EKINT chairman, stated they were not subject to the civil law: it only imposes obligations on associations and foundations, and EKINT is a non-profit public benefit company. At the same time, Majtényi made it clear that their non-profit would welcome with open arms those “civil society” groups who do not want to comply with the stricter accounting obligations contained in the new legislation. So, henceforth these groups would also not have to report the details of their funding from Soros – facts which Soros’ Hungarian lobbyists would prefer to keep rigorously concealed. 

Here we note that the opportunity put forward by Majtényi would pave the way for a much more centralised operation for the organisations appearing on George Soros’ pay roll. Majtényi has always been a Soros man, so it would not be surprising if the American billionaire and his son, Alexander Soros, who recently held a briefing in Budapest, wanted to organise the NGOs (“civil society” groups), which have displayed little success so far, into a new spearhead.

The next speaker at the conference, Zoltán Miklósi, a reseacher at EKINT and a lecturer at Soros’ university (read: Central European University) said that in some instances civil disobedience can be interpreted as a form of political expression. This is because in such cases civil disobedience serves as a means of persuasion. He tried to support these deeply bolshevist thoughts by saying that in his opinion not all citizens of Hungary can be considered equal and free today.

Another speaker, lawyer Somody Bernadette, repeated countless times: “If we interpret the law in this way” and “If we look at the legal framework in this way”. The essence of endless legal posturing can be summarised in that persons and organisations intending to break the rules refer to their fundamental human rights in possible proceedings, thus representing their violations of the law as expressions of opinion (cf. human rights).

The lineup of speakers included Márta Pardavi, co-chair of the naturally pro-Soros Hungarian Helsinki Committee. Pardavi stated they will not obey the civil law. Moreover, a counter-campaign will be launched with the involvement of 220 organisations. Describing it as a pervasive and inescapable concern, she explained that the law is terribly stigmatising and exclusionary, as well as intimidating. If pressure achieves nothing, then the issue will have to be taken to the international stage. Pardavi’s confidence is not accidental, as their network has infiltrated the judiciary, as our blog has pointed out elsewhere. There was no mention of how these 220 organisations wanted to fund the “counter-campaign” and what database they were working from.

Szabó Máté Dániel, the program director at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), also spoke. Szabó offered legal advice to those disobedient citizens, who want to express their opinion by breaking the law. They even offer pointers before any action is undertaken. How should this be undertaken in such a way that the action does not give rise to serious legal liability? And after the action, of course, they are also happy to take up the defense of the persons involved.  

Bálint Misetics, one of the fixed stars in the ‘salvation history’ of the Sorosistas, closed out the list of speakers. The uselessness of the pathetic intelligentsia is best illustrated by the fact that Misetics spoke of the relationship between civil disobedience and spiritual opposition. He wanted to legitimise disobedience on spiritual grounds. According to him, an activist taking part in such an action is the greatest friend of the constitution and the last just bastion of the rule of law. And citizens should function as 8 million small constitutional courts.

In closing the conference,  Majtényi himself finally took the floor and, encouraged by the stale air and the pronouncements of the previous speakers, formulated a harsh message of war for Hungary: If I were in the state’s place, I’d think twice about whom I’m picking a fight with, especially if that person is smarter than me

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