Anna Donáth successfully translates the anarchist slogan into Hungarian

Original article in Hungarian

The mood has not calmed down in either America or Western Europe, where radical left-wing and anarchist organisations marching under the banner of anti-racism smash and destroy, set fires, loot, murder, and tear down statues. Hungary has only experienced a small taste of the conditions prevailing abroad, when someone defaced a statue of Winston Churchill in the City Park with the word “Nazi” and the abbreviation for “Black Lives Matter”.

It was only a matter of time before the domestic Left would invoke BLM with respect to the Roma issue.

This moment arrived when Anna Donáth, Momentum’s Member of the European Parliament, adopted the Black Lives Matter slogan to Hungarian conditions. Donáth posted a photo saying “Roma lives also matter” on her Facebook page.

Anna Donáth’s declaration can easily be labeled hypocrisy if only because she regularly attacks the Roma Vice-President of the European Parliament, Lívia Járóka. Donáth made every effort to prevent the appointment of Járóka, who – throughout her career in the EP and now – has represented the cause of minorities, disadvantaged groups and the poor on the European stage. Of course, Anna Donáth’s problem with Járóka is not that she is of Roma origin, but that she is Fidesz.

We know, however, that Momentum shows up wherever they think they can draw even the smallest momentary political gain.

This Facebook post is yet another demonstration of this. If extraterrestrial lives were a matter of discussion two weeks hence, a new Facebook post would be in the works.  

However, we very much hope neither Momentum nor its parent organisation, Renew Europe, wish to import street violence into Hungary as well.

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