Twilight of the West: The final stage

Dezső Csejtei Original Hungarian article here According to the statue-topplers, the past can be rewritten in the spirit of liberal intellectual terror Familiar yet unsettling pictures and videos have spread across the globe in recent days. The insanity that has pervaded the Western world following the death of an African-American criminal as a result ofContinue reading “Twilight of the West: The final stage”

Little Hungarian ‘Anti-Fascism’

Magyar Demokrata Original Hungarian article The ‘anti-fascists’ who have been organising in the West for decades are now active in Hungary as well. While previously, groups of a few dozen communists and anarchists formed the core of the anti-fascist resistance here in Hungary, imported grievances are now surfacing here as a result of the AmericanContinue reading “Little Hungarian ‘Anti-Fascism’”

Today it’s Churchill, tomorrow it will be our statues

Tamás Horváth Original Hungarian article Damage inflicted upon the statue of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Budapest is just the beginning. If we do not act with sufficient determination against Antifa, the same will happen to important figures from our own Hungarian history. Opinion. As has become apparent in the events of recentContinue reading “Today it’s Churchill, tomorrow it will be our statues”

Anna Donáth successfully translates the anarchist slogan into Hungarian

Original article in Hungarian The mood has not calmed down in either America or Western Europe, where radical left-wing and anarchist organisations marching under the banner of anti-racism smash and destroy, set fires, loot, murder, and tear down statues. Hungary has only experienced a small taste of the conditions prevailing abroad, when someone defaced aContinue reading “Anna Donáth successfully translates the anarchist slogan into Hungarian”

More money for Soros’ organisations There are a number of unanswered questions regarding the allocation of funds to the Open Society’s front organizations  – Soros’ entire European network is based on the distribution of funds among its various elements – The Norwegian state is one of the main financiers of the Soros Empire – Where did the billions ofContinue reading “More money for Soros’ organisations”

We got ourselves into a Soros function – a warlike atmosphere with sham civil society mercenaries [This article requires a preamble. On 13 June 2017, the Hungarian Parliament adopted Act LXXVI of 2017 on the Transparency of Organizations Supported from Abroad. It obliges associations and foundations that receives at least 7.2 million HUF [roughly 20 thousand Euros] annually from a foreign source to register with the court as an organizationContinue reading “We got ourselves into a Soros function – a warlike atmosphere with sham civil society mercenaries”

Soros principles with Soros money for Soros goals The Open Society Foundations, founded by billionaire George Soros, is one of the most intricate societies in modern history, penetrating all walks of life. Moreover, they have recently become political actors without social authority, whether in the United States, Hungary, or the Balkans. They do not hide the fact that their main goal isContinue reading “Soros principles with Soros money for Soros goals”

Bakondi: Migration has resumed with the lifting of restrictions

Magyar Hírlap 9 June 2020 According to Prime Minister Orban’s Chief Domestic Security Advisor, illegal immigration to Europe would be halted if the political will existed. During an in-depth discussion of the subject in Budapest on Tuesday, György Bakondi stated that due to the coronavirus epidemic European states introduced very strict border measures which significantlyContinue reading “Bakondi: Migration has resumed with the lifting of restrictions”

The Istanbul Convention is a wolf in sheep’s clothing according to the Center for Fundamental Rights

Magyar Hírlap 13 June 2020 If the opposition were to win in 2022, they would certainly ratify the Istanbul Covention, but since some of its elements are contrary to [Hungary’s] Fundamental Law, the Constitutional Court could annul the decision, explained István Kovács, Strategic Director for the Center for Fundamental Rights (AK) during an in-depth interviewContinue reading “The Istanbul Convention is a wolf in sheep’s clothing according to the Center for Fundamental Rights”

An Antifa leader admits receiving money from Soros

Pesti Srácok, 13 June 2020 More hidden camera footage from the American Project Veritas. This time they made recordings within the ranks of Antifa, where they are training their members. The Atlanta leader of an organisation called Refuse Fascism admits that they applied for and received money from the American stock market speculator George SorosContinue reading “An Antifa leader admits receiving money from Soros”