Soros’ money was handed out to strange companies

Magyar Nemzet, 13 June 2020 Money which George Soros theoretically gave to the capital for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic ended up with left-wing insiders and strange companies. Soros originally offered the capital one million euros, but Mayor Karácsony’s people eventually received one and a half million dollars. Our paper sent questions to BudapestContinue reading “Soros’ money was handed out to strange companies”

Money sent to Budapest by Soros ended up in the hands of left-liberal cronies

Magyar Nemzet, 12 June 2020 George Soros donates one million euros to Budapest against the Coronavirus. Thank you! – wrote Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony on his facebook page on 30 March 2020. The mayor added that the speculator’s donation would be reported to the public, as soon as the necessary negotiations and agreements had beenContinue reading “Money sent to Budapest by Soros ended up in the hands of left-liberal cronies”