Little Hungarian ‘Anti-Fascism’

Magyar Demokrata Original Hungarian article The ‘anti-fascists’ who have been organising in the West for decades are now active in Hungary as well. While previously, groups of a few dozen communists and anarchists formed the core of the anti-fascist resistance here in Hungary, imported grievances are now surfacing here as a result of the AmericanContinue reading “Little Hungarian ‘Anti-Fascism’”

Today it’s Churchill, tomorrow it will be our statues

Tamás Horváth Original Hungarian article Damage inflicted upon the statue of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Budapest is just the beginning. If we do not act with sufficient determination against Antifa, the same will happen to important figures from our own Hungarian history. Opinion. As has become apparent in the events of recentContinue reading “Today it’s Churchill, tomorrow it will be our statues”

Anna Donáth successfully translates the anarchist slogan into Hungarian

Original article in Hungarian The mood has not calmed down in either America or Western Europe, where radical left-wing and anarchist organisations marching under the banner of anti-racism smash and destroy, set fires, loot, murder, and tear down statues. Hungary has only experienced a small taste of the conditions prevailing abroad, when someone defaced aContinue reading “Anna Donáth successfully translates the anarchist slogan into Hungarian”